Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Myths And Facts

There are some myths and facts about safety on the road. Maybe we think myth will help us but it has some facts behind it.

Myth: It is safe to drive overnight so you can avoid daytime traffic.
Facts: If you are driving at a time when you'd normally be sleeping, it will be harder to stay awake.

Myth: Loud music will help you to keep awake.
Fact: There are people who set up their car audio so that the car will have a good sound. Maybe this might help for a while but not for long. It can distract you from the road

Myth: Plenty of fresh air through the window wil keep you awake
Fact: This might give you a boost and help for a while, as might turning the air-conditioning on to cold. But if yo are tired, sleep is the only solution.

Biofuel Bugs

As we know, nowadays the non-renewable resources such as petroleum, coal and others are getting less and less. Recently, I have read about biofuel bugs. The researchers at the Biodesign Institute have found a new source of renewable energy which is bugs. Like plants, these microbes use energy from the sun to grow and scientist have found that the fat by-products can be used to make high energy fuel such as biodiesel. It's an appealing alternative to biofuels that come from corn, soybeans and switchgrass which can divert land away from food and feed production and are sometimes processed in coal burning plant.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Creativity With Tin(can)

As we all know, tin can be recycle or reuse. Other than that, we can use our creativity to make it one of our speciality in making art. Here are some picture regarding to the creativity with tin.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dating Without Dollars

Dinner and a movie can drain your allowance, but resourceful daters can still have a stellar time. I want share with you about how to have a date without spend much money from what I have read:
1: Print out a map of the constellations, grab a blanket, pack snacks then read out for some stargazing.
2:Do a little research and conduct your own historic sites tour
3: Prepare a meal together so that it can be more memorable when working together
4: Learn a new skill together like juggling and climbing
5: Lousy weather is a great time to melt her heart with a chocolate or a popcorn enhanced movie marathon
6: Dont have just a date. Chronicle the experience with a camera then create a memory album.

So, remember that money can't buy a good date. The best ones are those spent with someone whose accompany us in whatever condition happy or sad no matter where you are

Eat Red Meat At Your Own Risk

A 12-year study of 90 659 women aged 26 to 46 has found that high red meat consumption may be associated with an increased risks for hormone-receptor positive breast cancer in premenopousal women. Subjects who ate more than 1.5 servings of red meat a day had nearly double the risks of those who ate less than 3 servings a week. This study suggests that dietary factors may be related to a woman's chance of developing tis type of breast cancer. So, if you are the one who take high red meat consumption, better reduced it now.

Healthy Diet Spoils Taste For Cigarettes

Do you wish to quit from smoking. Here are some good news for the smokers."Cut back on coffee or alcohol and up your intake of milk, water, fruit and vegetables", This is suggestion from Duke University Medical Centre. In a study of 209 smokers,45 % said that coffee enhanced the taste of cigarettes, while 44% and 11% said alcohol and meat had the same effect. So, what are you waiting for? Try this now and with God willimgness, this bad habit can be avoided.